Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tracy Emin

The module I'm currently working on in my OPUS studies is entitled "Issues of Twentieth and Twenty First Century Art and Design". Today I studied Tracy Emin, a young British artist famous for her willingness to show details of her private life. I learned that she was shortlisted for the famous Turner Prize in 1999 and installed her own unmade (for 4 months) bed in the Tate Modern art gallery. The piece by Tracy that I was researching was an appliqued tent entitled "everyone I've ever slept with." I was fascinated to learn that this piece had been part of the famous Saatchi collection and was burned May 24 2004 in a warehouse fire. It is astonishing that information like this has become so accessible because of the internet and that I am able to study fine art and embroidery in England without leaving my home on Manitoulin Island in Canada.

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