Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Embroidery / Quilting

I just spent much of the long Victoria Day weekend finishing the quilting on this wall hanging. The hand dyed blue, green, white and purple triangles can be read either as sailboats or as waves.

It's a prize for one of the annual sailing races here on Manitoulin Island.

I don't resent the lengthy time it takes to embroider / quilt my pieces. I love the textural result. And hey, the slow work gives me an opportunity to listen to audio books.


  1. I really enjoyed this visit to your blog. Beautiful stuff!

  2. Judy, I have spent the last several months looking at far too many blogs. Yours is simple and to the point, it is exceptional in that way. It shows the work and with the Update (which is a brilliant idea) it tells you where you can see it. I hope others will emulate you and stop telling anybody who happens upon them what they had for dinner and where they keep there linen tea towels. It embarrassing, yours is not and I thank you for that


Thank you for taking the time to connect. Much appreciated.xx