Saturday, November 25, 2017

grandmothering in Alaska

 Time is the most valuable thing we possess.
The 8 year old bakes with me.
The eleven year old sets up the explorers version of Catan.
(Notice his baby quilt as wall art)
 I have started to sew the borders for Maia's quilt while visiting her cousins in Alaska.
We have been enjoying the sunny days.
The backyard sauna.
The neighbours. (and jamming with them)
Thanksgiving dinner.
The chickens.
The wildness near by.
Jack and I take turns drawing in my journal.
(my favourite grandmother activity)
The light at dusk is violet.
The mountains visible through the windows.


Mo Crow said...

that Far North sky!

susan hemann said...

lovely post, spend Thanksgiving coloring with my grandchildren, they are my joy

blandina said...

A sweet and heart warming post, the love for our families has no end.

barleybooks said...

Lovely post! Thank you.

Carol Wiebe said...

Lucky them, lucky you.

Gail Baar said...

family time is the best!

jude said...

lucky days...

Marti said...

Any time spent with grandchildren is truly special but time spent during holidays is a special gift. My eight year old twin grandchildren, (boy and girl), their parents and I created leaf imprinted tablecloths for our Thanksgiving table. Leaves had been collected and pressed before I arrived in California from New Mexico. We painted the undersides of the leaves with paint, placed them on white tablecloths, put a paper towel over the leaf, used a rolling pin to press the leaves. Trying to use an autumnal color scheme, we did manage to slip in a few otherworldly colors but all in all, a fine family project. The cloths dried for 24 hrs then were ironed to heat set. Feeling of happiness to have created a family heirloom that will grace tables for many years to come.

deemallon said...

drawing with grandkids -- how grand! and that photo of dusk - how that view must enlarge the heart!