Thursday, May 26, 2016

new studio space

the east wall (ten feet high)
the west wall (ten feet high)
 the south wall (with a window on main street)
the north wall (door gives idea of height of these walls)
I'm renting a new studio space separate from my house.
I'm so happy to have this again as I've been without one since summer 2013.
When I go there, I work on just one project.

It has morphed from something about my daily walk
to something more
something about the days of my life and their accumulation
set down in an orderly way
step step step
the hurdles and burdens
the joys and unexpected visions
a summing up, a reflection
a frugal using up
a path through it all
a luminous halo.

Life is a luminous halo, a semi transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.  Virginia Woolf


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

a semitransparent envelope
a semitransparent envelope
a semitransparent envelope

eeee......a semitransparent envelope....i am slowly turning inside these words.

i will love you taking us to this Tall Studio with you

Sandra said...

So glad you have your own space again. Separate from the 'other' life. I know you will create great things there. No pressure!! (LOL)

Mo Crow said...

what a beautiful new space!

Judy Martin said...

Yes, I am excited to have a space with high walls. I have to construct something to make a design wall - I usually use ceiling tiles, but am cooking up a new idea for this space. Stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting.

over the rainbow said...

And to echo Grace….

Just one project
Just one project
Just one project

So happy for your new space and You and your project!

Velma Bolyard said...

new spaces are new opportunities. excellent!

Alison Schwabe said...

Like turning to a fresh blank page ... those big walls invite things to be pinned - depending on your rental agreement, panels of pin board could be fixed, or may need to be leaned in a stable but removable arrangement ... divine.

Judy Martin said...

Yes, the rental agreement says that I have to return it in same shape or better. One of the walls is plaster, so I think a false wall that is perhaps attached some how at the top where there is a wooden molding will be the way to go. I'll show in this blog what Ned and I come up with. x

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Yes to studio space and an even bigger yes to Just one project! Happy studio days!

Lesley Turner said...

Congratulations on your new space. It looks like a place where serious work could get done.

Heather said...

It must feel like the walls have opened up. Hooray for your new studio!

Montse Llamas said...

I remember when you left your last studio? Already three years???

Judy Martin said...

I was given notice to move out in April 2013. The landlord (the town of little current) gave me an extension because I had the circle project to finish up and ship out for exhibition in September. At the end of July it was up and down the stairs moving stuff out.

Now the mayor has that old studio with its beautiful serene view of the north channel. That's OK. He deserves it.

My new studio is in the same building but looks out on the street instead of the water. That's OK too. I am so pleased to be back in that building. It feels right.

Thanks for all your good wishes.

Christine said...

Glad you have a new space. It is a good thing.