Sunday, May 29, 2016

At the same time

Repetition is a way to organize the world.
It is a way to help us experience our selves.
In the time it takes to look at the sixty four hankies I am basting into a grid
I experience many other kinds of time.
I experience life and find my own aesthetic in a series of disconnects.
Repetition invokes the already made (memory) at the same time that it invokes the possibility of making something new.
Proust reminds that it is the understated and the apparently indifferent that gives the necessary ground for heightened intensity.

(journal thoughts after reading The Infinite Line by Briony Fer)


  1. exquisite... the light, the crisp whiteness of the cloth, the texture of longing in the blue, the detail in the stitch, the depth of thought, your clarity

  2. Thank you Mo.
    You seem to understand.

    I feel as if I am becoming invisible sometimes. I am in retreat, but sometimes I can figure things out in my journals.



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