Sunday, August 31, 2014


 I believe that there is a mysterious and graceful and miraculous coherence stitched through this world.
 I believe that everything is prayer.
I believe that love is our greatest and hardest work.
text :  Brian Doyle
images:  indigo dyed damask and artist's coat.


Martha said...

I too find prayer in unexpected places, especially in indigo.

Ms. said...

Just lovely...all that blue and the threads of things..reminds me a bit of this:

I Happened To Be Standing
by Mary Oliver

I don't know where prayers go,
or what they do.
Do cats pray, while they sleep
half-asleep in the sun?
Does the opossum pray as it
crosses the street?
The sunflowers? The old black oak
growing older every year?
I know I can walk through the world,
along the shore or under the trees,
with my mind filled with things
of little importance, in full
self-attendance. A condition I can't really
call being alive.
Is a prayer a gift, or a petition,
or does it matter?
The sunflowers blaze, maybe that's their way.
Maybe the cats are sound asleep. Maybe not.

While I was thinking this I happened to be standing
just outside my door, with my notebook open,
which is the way I begin every morning.
Then a wren in the privet began to sing.
He was positively drenched in enthusiasm,
I don't know why. And yet, why not.
I wouldn't persuade you from whatever you believe
or whatever you don't. That's your business.
But I thought, of the wren's singing, what could this be
if it isn't a prayer?
So I just listened, my pen in the air.

from A Thousand Mornings. © The Penguin Press, 2012.

Judy Martin said...

Beautiful poem, like a prayer.

Edith said...

Beautiful colour, beautiful post, beautiful poem!

Valerianna said...

A line of indigo prayer flags/cloth. Yes, everything a prayer... love his words.

Judy Martin said...

The clothes line seems like a chant, doesn't it?

Mo Crow said...

if I can say i believe in anything in this lifetime it is in the power of blue.. and love... your work is filled to the brim with both Judy so I believe in you too!

mansuetude said...

I could toast to this !

I believe i am not always in a space of prayer but try. Your artist coat is lovely, w a transparency like sky or swirlings reflecting light, water.

While i am here, on what you wrote re your last post....i thought/felt
Yes, this
This is It.
The Sublime.

Been thinking about the image. About what it means to reach a place to name your work by such earth and heart and hand and Transcendence.

Thank you.

Christine said...

Those deep blues make me smile. Beautiful post.

Heather Hutchinson said...

Will you wear this beautiful artist's coat?

Judy Martin said...

I made the coat for my artist daughter who has gone off to art institute of chicago to study sculpture and material arts.

wholly jeanne said...

The blues - the damask - the artist's coat. Hanging in the woods. Be still my heart.

April said...

love this mom. so happy to receive it.

are you still making yours?