Sunday, January 15, 2023

breath, care, time

New floor quilt for the twins, scrutinized by Ursa.

Just a quick post here about the sewing I did for the new babies. 
First, I made lots of flannelette pads with cheerful dotty bindings.  
I also put binding on two receiving blankets.
Useful and practical.  Easily cleaned.    

I made some for Oona and Jay's first babies too.  Click here to see 2006 ones, and here to see 2014.

They just fit a new baby.  
Ned and I also cleaned and repaired the bassinet that we used for our babies and took it to Grace.  

We rented a little house six minutes away from the couple  and moved into it just before Christmas.  Our other kids take turns visiting and helping out.

I worked on the floor quilt I started in December.      

I was able to finish it!.  

It's hand stitched with sashiko thread.    

Breath, care, and time are all contained in a gift of handmade cloth.  Welcome to our beautiful world, sweet and tiny but also huge miracles. xoxo 


Marti said...

The last photo, mother and her girls, just touches the heart. What a blessing to have you all nearby.

Your flannels are such loving and useful gifts; my Mom did the same for us when our twins were born. They were born early so stayed in the hospital for three weeks. When they came home, she arrived to spend two weeks with us and one suitcase was solely filled with handmade flannel blankets, bibs, simple flannel squares that she said were good to use as wash cloths as well as tiny sweaters and dresses that she had made. She even created a few diapers that had my girls names embroidered on them but she said, these were to be worn when company came!

Liz A said...

how wonderful for all of you to be together during this time ...

I'm still using the flannel that I bought years ago to make burp cloths and bibs ... these days it is used to make bean bags that my daughter keeps in the freezer for tending to bumps and bruises ... and for our three year old granddaughter who likes to take one of the chilled bags to bed with her at night ... go figure ;)

as ever, I love the simplicity of your black and white check ... I can well-imagine the little ones beginning to explore their world on the floor quilt ... such happy days to come

Margaret said...

How lovely! I too have made Tummy Time quilts for little ones -- mainly the children of the children of cousins. I also knit baby socks...PM me if you would like a pair or two for these wee ones. I am happy to oblige, my friend. I can do up to a 2-year size. Hugs!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

That is a beautiful floor quilt. The light parts add so much interest. The flannel does look very useful. Beautiful family.

Nancy said...

There is such a sense of serenity here Judy. enjoy this time.