Monday, January 10, 2022

mended butterfly

We had a family gathering here over the Christmas time. 
We were careful.

Everyone was double or triple vaccinated if they were old enough

and most took rapid tests before arriving.

"Negative!" said the 12 year old instead of a greeting.

We did our best.  We stayed within our bubble.

We are OK

Nothing bad happened.

In fact, it was a glorious time. 
Now, they've left.

And I've found another quilt to mend.
I made this one 33 years ago.
The fabrics have faded.  Some have disintegrated.

I'm replacing the worn pieces with new cloth, cut to exact size of patch.

Slowly.  One by one.

A refreshed batt was required, so I basted a layer onto the back of the quilt

and laid a new cotton backing over that.
I've got this.

I'm doing my best. 

Look at that triangle.  Don't you think that the shape resembles a heart?

Hearts are life.  These ones are floating.

I'm floating.  

I feel optimistic.  

It's a heavy time to be alive, but fixing something with heart-triangles

is a hopeful act.   

Here's to you, next generation.  Your brave faces forward.  

Your open hearts. xo 


Julierose said...

Lovely mending job on a beautiful quilt...hopefulness is good...hugs, Julierose

Liz A said...

it wasn't until I leaned in that I saw the butterflies ...

our world, its future, looks to be in very good hands ... as does the quilt

Judy Martin said...

The butterflies are difficult to see. They are painted on cotton, cut out, appliquéd. Also these words: I saw a butterfly, there can be more to life.

susan hemann said...

Such a wonderful quilt! Brought a smile to my face. How can you not be happy looking at that colorful quilt?
Glad you had a wonderful holiday, we were down some members due to Covid, my daughters family- even though they are all vaccinated
But my son and I had a pleasant time

Nancy said...

Judy~ Oh...such a sign of the times "Negative!" said the 12 year old instead of a greeting." Blessings to you and your family.
The butterflies are a hidden surprise and that green is wonderful!

Tina said...

I love seeing the quilts you are mending! You are such an inspiration! Happy New Year!

Threadpainter said...

Happy 2022 to you, Judy, and your very lovely family !
We took a chance and headed to Powassan after Christmas ... everyone there vaxxed to the max, as far as age would allow ... all good ! One doesn't realize how much you need to be within arms length of family, until you can't. It's been a rough 2 years for everyone.
That quilt is still gorgeous after 33 yrs !

jude said...

it's swell that there was a safe gathering. a holding together, a live mending.

Bethany G said...

So very happy that the family was able to be together for the Christmas holidays. I know how much that would have meant to Dale and me... we have not seen our adult children from the US and their families since late summer 2019. I love your family photo... bless ing - and the quilt - so very beautiful - to last another 30 years plus! Blessings...