Thursday, July 15, 2021

Her scarlet gown


she stood

in her scarlet


if anyone touched her, the gown rustled


she stood, her face like a rose

shining she stood

and her mouth was a flower


she stood by a branch of a tree

and writ her love on a leaf

Carmina Burana        12th  - 13th century  

Medieval text found in my 1993 journal.
Photos from Saturday, my 70th birthday.


Angie said...

Oh!My!Goodness!! That color---that light---absolutely divine! Belated happy birthday!

Mo Crow said...

(((Judy))) such beautiful photographs and words, may you have many more happy returns!

Marti said...

The glow of the light, the glow of granddaughter and grandmother, the glow of turning 70- the light that comes, simply, from joy...may your 70th revolution around the sun, continue to fill you with joy and the glow of love. Happy Belated Birthday Judy.r

Liz A said...

may you continue to have a glorious birthday season ...

Anonymous said...

the glow of the sky, the glow of the sun, the glow of the water, the glow in your eyes
happy birthday

iHanna said...

Happy birthday to you! Love these beeeeautiful photos!

Shasta Matova said...

Happy birthday! What a beautiful glow!

Roxanne said...

Happy Birthday, Dearest Judy. Much love.

Nancy said...

The light...those photos and these words...magic. A very, very happy birthday to you Judy.

Camilla G. said...

Just catching up. Awesome and onwards, Judy. đź’—