Sunday, April 04, 2021

order belies chaos

Not To Know But To Go On from April 3 2013 post

It takes months to put these stitches into the cloth.

stitched grid (detail) from April 4 2008 post
Months of lived experience.
Bidwell from April 4 2017 post
Consider what happens in that amount of time.
Not To Know But To Go On from April 3 2013 post

The events of the world and the events of a personal life story.  
Order Belies Chaos from April 2 2007 post

How brief our time is to be alive.   Our precious time.

All images from this blog.  (15 years of blogging so far)
The text is from  my April 3, 2013 post.


Mo Crow said...

love how your work makes Time

Camilla G. said...

How wonderful, though, to have these beautiful images of ghost beautiful work to share...

Camilla G. said...

Your beautiful work. Sorry.

Judy Martin said...

I knew that xx love you 💕

Judy Martin said...

My photos and documents are not in my new laptop yet, so it is nice to be able to look back on previous posts, not forgotten, and use the images and even the ideas again xx

Threadpainter said...

15 yrs ! Wow ! How time flies when we are having fun.
Lovely work, Judy.

jude said...

time flies

Camilla G. said...

Ditto. ❣️

Nancy said...

I look in wonder at the amount of time you've been at this (blog), but more so, I am amazed at your body of work...the time you've sat, needle and cloth at hand...the beauty you've added to our world. Thank you for sharing this. xo