Friday, April 16, 2021

like breakfast, lunch and dinner

Q  Where do you find inspiration?

A   I am inspired by two things.  The first is the ever-changing natural environment I live within.  All seasons are beautiful.  The air is beautiful, affected by the time of day and the light, the growth and decay of the vegetation are beautiful, the way that colours look next to each other because of the way the angle of sunlight touches them, that's beautiful.

The empty spaces, and the birds on the tops of trees, also beautiful.

These things feed me like breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I don't consciously try to reproduce them in my work, but they show up in an abstract way.  They have become part of me.  Enhanced by my chosen solitude while walking, driving, sitting in my chair, observing and breathing in nature, is all so beautiful.

The second thing is looking at art.

I especially like looking at large-scale textile sculptures and minimalist contemporary paintings.  I enjoy Instagram and follow many artists there from around the world.  I also own a sizable art-book collection that I flip through a lot.  I have several books about  traditional American Quilts (including the Gee Bend artists) as well as many visual artists that I love such as Cy Twombly, Kiki Smith, Louise Bourgeois, and Michelle Stuart.  

This is the first post I've done using the photo software on my laptop - I'm still working things out, but thought I'd share how it was here last week on the island.  



Mo Crow said...

love seeing the gentle colours and textures of your corner of the world through your eyes and hands!

Linda Gardiner said...

What a great bunch of inspiration you've listed in this post.
I now have a new batch of artists to admire.

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