Tuesday, February 16, 2021

it will be ok

I am writing this post to help me see
what am I doing?
I don't know
I've been home a week.

I was in Ottawa with family.

I've been working on this green piece solidly since.

I keep simplifying.  There was more red, but I've removed it.
I've only left the heart.
I've run out of fabric, but I keep going. 
I scrounge yellows and creams to stretch the green.
This green nourishes me so much.  The happiness of it.  

The earthiness of it.  The hope in it

I'm also helped by the motion of my hands.
In and out the needle goes.  In and out my breath.
I had the idea that I was nearly done.

But I'm not.


  1. this one is so full of the hope of spring!

  2. Looks like early Spring with a few buds poking through...beautiful work...hugs, Julierose

  3. Replies
    1. Ha ha. No I am not. Still a bit tender in the middle xx

  4. Tender green, yes, full of hope. And light

  5. Stunning and joyful. This one speaks of the sweetness of spring.

  6. The restorative properties of 'green' and hand stitch are vital at this time. I found it interesting that you thought you were finished but then reviewed that and continued on... I'm at a similar point in a large hand applique project myself. After a long day yesterday, it was tempting to say'enough' and sandwich then quilt what I have; but after sleeping on it decided I will continue to complete the original plan which is limited only by the 95cm x 190cm piece of background fabric!

  7. so beautiful, the color cheers me up!


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