Thursday, November 21, 2019


 the poetic image is sudden
psychologists and psychoanalysts can never really explain the unexpected nature of the poetic image
 the sudden flare-up of being that happens in the imagination
 it's metaphysical
when confronted with a poetic image we experience a resonance with deep repercussions
something about it seems really true
we are pushed over a border line within us
between non-knowing and knowing with all our hearts
 our soul responds
 our inner light
I brought three linen cloths to work  on
while Ned and I are in Mexico for a bit
 last night I realized that I could look at them as sculptures and photographed them hanging from the outdoor shower in the balcony
Gaston Bachelard has written about the poetic image in the Poetics of Space 


  1. the poetry of the artist's eye

  2. What lovely work, and words. The ghostly hand behind the sheer linen cloth is beautiful. And the words "outdoor shower on the balcony" fill me with longing for warmth on this bleak November day in England!

    1. the heat is very healing and makes life easier xo

  3. poem’, from poiein (Greek) a verb, (to)‘create’.
    I have loved this idea.
    And how you and Bachelard see poety in everything: exactly
    how we should live.

    1. I didn't know that greek word. Thank you for teaching me about it xo

  4. Replies
    1. the cloths take on a personality when they are hung like this, allowing us to see through them and in between their folds xo


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