Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Path of the Heart: Lenore Tawney

To be an artist, you must be brave.

You can't let yourself be scared by a blank sheet of drawing paper or a white canvas.

But what you put on that paper or canvas must come from your deepest self.
To discover this place is our aim and our goal.

Your attitude of openness toward this place in yourself can be like the thick layer of leaves on the forest floor, in that it is always there, no matter what goes on above.
Our instinct drives us downward to the source; there we have visionary experiences made visible.
This can be what motivates you to keep on what I call The Path of the Heart
This path and the seed of your own work are within each one of you.

(her work smock)
One thing I must tell you: what we most try to avoid in life is, in fact, our greatest teacher
- that is pain, anguish.
This pain and this anguish, take us off the surface of life and into the depths where the treasure lies.
This is your life, dear friends.
Meet it with bravery and with great love."   Lenore Tawney
(the black coat she wore to her openings)
The text in this post is Lenore Tawney's commencement address to the graduating students of the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1992

The images are from my visit to the exhibition Mirror of the Universe at the John Michael Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan Wisconsin.   The main exhibit remains up until March 7.  Cloud Labyrinth comes down January 19 2020.    I have written about this exhibition with more clarity on Modernist Aesthetic.   go see. xo


  1. thank you so much for sharing this exhibition, thru your inspiring posts i learn alot, thank you.

    1. you are most welcome. I like to remember the exhibitions I have visited that have affected me and this journal seems to be a good place for that.

  2. your post brought to mind the lyrics of Ray Wylie Hubbard's song "The Messenger"

    Now I have a mission and a small code of honor
    To stand and deliver by whatever measures
    And the message I carry is by Rainer Marie Rilke
    He said 'Our fears are like dragons guarding our most precious treasures'

    and I love the first and last images, both like a moon ...

    1. like a moon - thanks for bringing that observation forward xo

  3. And to do that takes bravery, I'm not certain I am that brave.

    1. I think you will surprise yourself xo


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