Sunday, October 13, 2019

the aesthetic of craftsmanship

meticulous workmanship
utter concentration
traditional techniques
learning the skill takes time
making the object takes time
 don't look for a short cut
the flow of work is what is important
not how many hours it takes
 bring all of yourself to what you do
simplicity is arrived at through complexity


  1. I've been working with natural dyes for the last 5 weeks - using tannnin from the wild sumac, both berries and leaves as a pre soak for cellulose fibres like the linen table cloths I like to use, also rayon and cotton fabrics. Then I use an alum mordant on those same cloths (with heat)...both have to air dry and be rinsed before going into the dye brew. The dye brew also takes a couple of days as I bring the leaves etc to just near boiling and simmer for an hour and then allow to cool down slowly - repeating this twice. The prepared fabrics are placed into the dye (strained of all plant matter) and then they are brought to simmering point for an hour and allowed to cool down naturally - two times. It takes days to do these fabrics, but they give me a beautiful palette. I don't pre-mordant silk or wool . I add iron water to the dyes to make the grey and black colours. xo

  2. This is a WONDER Full post.

  3. So very true. Beautiful palette.

    1. thank you for commenting dear heart. I am still at it - Ned made me some alkaline water for modifying some of the colours already achieved. xo

    2. from the wood stove ashes

  4. thank you for sharing your experience and expertise.

  5. Nothing better than clothes line photos and your beautiful words to accompany them.

  6. This is such a great lesson on natural dyes, I really loved reading about this and seeing the magic. I really appreciate you sharing you process, techniques and knowledge. It’s truly my inspiration

  7. I also love the great colors you have achieved

  8. Thank you as always Judy, your words and images, your sense of beauty and commitment to creativity and nature are the greatest gift. I love your colours and approach, so, very, much!!!!!


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