Thursday, July 18, 2019

Colour With a U

 In Canada, we spell colour with a u.  We also spell labour, favour, honour and neighbour with a u.
flesh and blood 2007
 That 'u' could stand for unique, unforgettable, universal, unity, understanding, utopia.

 It could include the unusual, unexpected, unbound, unabashed, unaccounted, uncanny.
light of the moon 2009
 We care about the 'u', it makes us unique.  We care about the 'you', it brings us together..
What do the Canadian values of diversity and inclusion mean to you?
How does your labour in your favourite medium honour your neighbourhood, your community?
energy cloth 2011
How do you colour yourself into our Canadian culture?
niagra falls 2012
We are looking for artworks that visualize these ideas and that together will give an insightful
perspective on our Canadian cultural identity.
All types of work are encouraged, including representational, abstract, and social commentary,
in 2 or 3 dimensions.
lake 2014
Opening location:  Homer Watson House and Gallery, Kitchener Ontario Canada
March 15 - April 19, 2020

2015  providence
The exhibition will travel across Canada until March 2023.

This is a Studio Art Quitls Association exhibition for Canadian members of SAQA only.
Read the full Call for Entry at this SAQA link

Entries must be received by January 3, 2020.
For further questions, please contact Tracey Lawko, chairperson of the exhibition committee.
 All text in this post is from the Call for Entry for Colour For A U for Canadian readers of this blog.
the cloud in me 2017  
 The images are a celebration of my years of blogging.
I chose one from each year:   2006 until 2019.
See the sidebar for further details about this call and information about
the SAQA conference in Toronto 2020.
my awakened heart 2019


  1. (((Judy))) such a beautiful looking back through your years of blogging

  2. You have captured so well the theme of the proposed "Regional" exhibit. I have yet to figure out whether or not I've something to contribute. But there is time...and for that (as well as for your post) I am thankful!

  3. Now that I am in South Africa, 'u' fills words.

  4. thank you for the years of sharing your work and your insights.

  5. We like 'u' as well in the UK

  6. I enjoyed seeing this retrospective of your work! So beautiful!

  7. THANK YOU, Judy... what an inspiring and beautiful reminder that we as artists have the power and focused intent to share our messages through bold, colourful support in fibre for our beautiful and precious CANADA! Our country is unique and this opportunity to share where each of us lives, raise our families and bring our vision to life in our artwork means more people around the world will come to know Canada and it's peoples more intimately! Your voice resonates throughout the world - in every piece of your artwork. I am just so pleased that you have shared this to encourage our SAQA friends across Canada and beyond.
    Take care of "u"...happy late summer!

  8. Thank you Judy. You have inspired me to create an entry. I was really stuck - your retrospective gave me a fresh perspective.

  9. I hope you do not mind that I shared your post with SAQA Atlantic. (I should've asked permission... sorry) (I got excited)

  10. I put this post up to encourage entries. Please share if you think it will inspire others. Thank you Kate xo


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