Thursday, January 31, 2019

lumpy-bumpy research

This week I continue to stitch into this layered cloth, adding the weight and tension of jeans-top-stitching thread on top of what is already stitched.
An entire spool in 4 days.
The thread twists on itself and often knots up, one long thread taking nearly an hour to lay in.
My nick name for this piece is sunny-rainy.
The rainy part because of the soft rain-drop shapes of velvet in the darker border.
This week after seeing it on the wall, the name has lengthened to
I still love you Sunny!
Even though you want to stay in my lap way past the time you should be independent.

So this post is about my research into dimensional wall presentations  (a Regina Benson term)

The work from the artists I have curated here is interesting, beautiful and very alive.
Whatever imperfections in the work have been embraced.
Whatever distortions that happened during their creation, are shown off.

KYUNG AE WANG     her archetypes from 2008
NUI PROJECT      Atushi Yoshimoto
NUI PROJECT       Keisuke Nomaguchi
NUI PROJECT        Tsutomu Maeno
MAGDALENA ABAKANOWICZ          Yellow Abakan
MAGDELENA ABAKANOWICZ    Red Abakan and Black Environment

the piece is more thread than cloth now
and my wrists ache
"I wondered why I was insisting on negating some of the characteristics of my fibreworks, when their living materiality was what had drawn me to the medium"  Regina Benson


  1. I LOVE sunnyrainylumpybumpy, love love love to me it's about a forest just awakening to spring melt, all the things about to get born down in the leaf mulch of the forest floor the sun beams sliding between branches
    And yes to Natural fiber, cloth, Yes

  2. I’m absolutely in love with this piece, it’s magic really. I can feel the texture with my eyes and long to touch this. Thank you for creating such a great piece art

  3. A fantastic piece, I can not stop looking at it. It makes me feel creative and inspired. Just the choice of colours gives me shivers.

  4. For those of us who work on and with cloth, our handling, our time, our head, our hearts need to communicate as much as the materiality of each piece. We are all hanging out there as ourselves. Your sunny-rainy-lumpy-bumpy is wondrous.

  5. Love this piece and the other pieces you have shown which include two artists whose work I really admire

  6. Your piece is fantastic. Reminds me of a schematic of the universe. xx

  7. Stunning - Thank you for sharing.

  8. Ohhhhh Judy ! I would so much LOOOOVE to TOUCH that piece !!!!!

  9. Music to my eyes...

  10. Thank you all for your enthusiastic support of lumpy bumpy.
    I blocked it this weekend and now it is not so lumpy and bumpy now. I thihnk I love it more this softer way. Here is a link to see it on my process blog.



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