Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Expectations

 Expectations 1

 Expectations 2

 Expectations Christmas

The girls and I discussed our hopes and dreams last night.

How would I feel if I let expectations about my self go?

If I didn't expect myself to do so much stitching?
If I didn't expect myself to be vulnerable?


  1. Your "expectations" work is lovely, including the thoughts about having less expectations. Wonderful goal! I do love all your work. Wishing you a happy, healthy and creative new year.

  2. (((Judy))) there are so many dreams yet to make !

  3. Letting go of difficult. Sometimes I think that having expectations is woven into human nature (mine, at least).

  4. The pieces in this post are put together from studies I made just before graduating in 2012 from the BFA in embroidery from Middlesex U. I thought of them as sketches for larger pieces that would read as minimalist from a distance, but from close up you could see the many small stitches. Putting the sketches together, and not adding any additional stitch seems risky for me. I rely on the density and intensity of my handwork to give my work weight and emotional power.
    My daughters and I asked ourselves the question, wheat would it FEEL like if you let go of the expectations you have about yourself. The answer: I feel terrified about the idea of less stitching.

    I'll speak about the expectation to be vulnerable next time xo

  5. A cloth of serenity. Gentle words. Needed words.

  6. Vulnerability is such a scary place to go for someone with a "Keep calm and carry on" up-bringing...but some would insist it be at least acknowledged, if not exposed. What if the cloth is vulnerable; the stitch, the courage needed to carry on through? I too would be loathe to let it go...

    Blessings to you for the New Year...

  7. undoing expectation was a big one for me this year

  8. A dear friend taught me the lesson of 'no expectations' many, many years ago...a lesson I still work on daily. These images are so you, a study in blue. xo in the New year Judy.


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