Tuesday, September 11, 2018

seeking grey

rug hooking wool
There are leftover potions from April's visit
goldenrod, onion, avocodo, sumac drupes, sumac leaves, and iron water
and I am seeking grey from them.
linen damasks
cool grey, warm grey,
it's not a neutral for me
it's a magical lifter-upper in my cloth paintings
any colour placed next to grey, glows
cotton, some overdyed
tanin plus a little iron = grey

Iron water can be made by soaking rusty bits of iron in a solution of vinegar and water for a few days before adding to the plant solution..
Alternatively, ferrous sulphate (available from Maiwa) also works to sadden the plant colour
I have been having new ideas.
The trick is to be AWAY from the studio for a month or so,
then return home and start cleaning it.
Ideas flow like water.
if you keep working on old ideas, new ones can't show up.
cosmic law


  1. i love that you say these Beauty FULL words about grey, i
    know them to be so true and i've never read such good
    words given to the wonder of grey...
    Thank you for knowing and saying

  2. your love of grey brings to mind a favourite song by Keith Richards "You Got the Silver", the best version I've ever seen & heard was caught live in 2006 for Martin Scorsese's film 'Shine a Light' released in 2008

  3. You are so right about stopping work on old ideas to let new ones in.

  4. It is always delightful to see how natural colours all blend together so well. I'm looking for grey too. Still just diving in and trying to figure this all out and see summer plants slipping away.

  5. i love your thinking about being away and coming home and studio cleaning and how the new ideas come. you're spot on.

  6. So that's the answer ~ I will inform my boss (who also happens to be my hubby) that I need a good month or so away, so my creative thoughts can come to fruition. :)


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