Sunday, July 08, 2018

life is beautiful

We packed up and left our Quebec City apartment in good time.
Ned had planned that we go see Montmorency falls, and it was beautiful.
Then we drove along the north shore of the St Lawerence river and it was beautiful.
We went through Clermont, where Ned had spent two weeks age 13, and it was beautiful.
We spent that night at a b and b with a French speaking hostess and it was beautiful.
The next day, we were up early again to eat her blueberry pancakes and catch the ferry across the St. Lawerence, so beautiful.
 Then we drove through more of beautiful rural Quebec towards New Brunswick.
 Occasionally we stopped at beaches for Marjan and Wim, our friends from Holland.

Life is beautiful.


  1. (((Judy))) my mother grew up in rural Quebec, there's a nothing like fresh blueberries on pancakes with real maple syrup!

  2. Baeuatiful post! :-) We will be in Ontario this August.

  3. wonderful old barns and the water looks so inviting

  4. Friend, Life is beautiful and so are you.

  5. the barns of Quebec. Georgia O'Keefe painted them. xo


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