Thursday, June 07, 2018

the sun, the moon, and also the stars

moon, wool thread, wool felt 2018  Judy Martin

sun  wool thread, wool felt, acrylic paint ( in progress)  judy martin 

and also the stars  wool thread, wool felt, 2018 judy martin
Intuition and conceptual thought are married in most of my work.
And some of the time they live happily ever after.

But there is usually some tension along the way.

I need to make my work as true as I can.

I rely on the archetypal shapes of circle, cross and dot and use them as language.
The works in this post are the under-sides of pieces made last winter  (see here)

They are the backs I suppose.
Felt drawings
I plan to display them so that the original 'first side' will not be shown.

I don't mind that the original designs will be secret.
Believe me.
I took them outside and laid them in the garden, amongst the caterpillars
and forget me nots.
from left to right:  sun (february)  and also the stars (march and april)  moon (january)  2018
These three pieces document each day of January, February, March and half of April 2018.
I used velvet and found fabrics to make small collages on wool felt

which were then attached together.

I kept going until I ran out of felt.

Then I turned them over, and used the felt 'backs' as if they were pieces of paper
and made completely fresh and new drawings.

Drawings that don't have anything to do with the winter.
These new drawings will have their first showing in Halifax Nova Scotia this summer.
Penny Berens and I have produced an exhibition entitled Cloth Of Time.
the underside of the leaf
cool in shadow
sublimely unemphatic
smiling of innocence


  1. Just about speechless. These are so moving and such a different feel from the front of the pieces.

    Did the stitching go through to the other side - thinking of the potential for further interventions.

    1. The new stitching does not go through to the other side.
      I love working into wool felt.
      I love that both sides relate to each other, but that they are completely different. and that the "in-side" is fresh and new and contained within itself. A metaphor for humans and their two sides...outer and inner. xo

  2. there is such gentle power in your work

  3. You always amaze me 🎶🎵🎶 this work you do. Two sides to everything .. everyone. Love it!

  4. Great work, very interesting designs, I like the ideal pattern for summer. You have the talent to do such things because I occasionally embroider something, but if you do it more often the better work comes out, with us usually only some embroideries or do some pillowcases that are only a decorative element in the house anyway it has an object to own an object, it looks better at once.

  5. Friend...if I brought a chair to your yard, you would have to coax me inside afterawhile.

  6. Wow! I agree totally with Sue McQ. You can look endlessly at such successful works. For me, it's a kind of art leaf or even art itself. What you do is great and I read the key of the blog not from today. I deal with embroidery myself, but I know it is amateurish. Sometimes I sew something, I knitted I was left (like my grandmother) but it's important that all the time ahead.


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