Saturday, April 21, 2018

growing is what life is for

  A tree in the forest doesn't keep looking around at the other trees
wondering if its right to be putting down roots so deep
instead of using its energy for making acorns

it just grows
that is its job, to grow
only people drive themselve crazy asking
'what's this for?"
Am I doing all right?
am I doing better than someone else?
Is it all right to be doing this?
I copied this out and taped it inside my kitchen cupbaord ...
the one I keep the salt in, beside the stove
Learning my craft and then practicing it for no other reason than for itself
is one of the first steps I took in my life towards learning that

growing is what life is for
hand made paper by moi
type written text
text about taping the text to my kitchen cupboard where the salt is by moi
all the text about a tree in the forest, growing, is for by Beth Gutcheon  an early influence.
I'm getting ready for the Perivale gallery's 2018 season..
I will be showing stitched pieces mounted on linen-covered board, framed. 


  1. love your hand made leaves and stitched veins

  2. I have had this piece from paper made in my kitchen blender and dyed with tissue paper for 30 years. I made it when we still lived in Kenora, and it has been pinned to studio wall ever since.

    Now..I am putting it in a frame for someone else.


  3. Everything about this post resonates deeply. I love that you create beauty for the eye, but also share the thoughts you generate around your creations, which are soul enhancing. Thank you, Judy.

  4. true "earth day"

  5. I like this very much...and it makes me think about my own stepping out onto canvas (which is, after all, another fabric). Sometimes when one changes one's approach to "the way you've always done it" the result is mixed. I wish you many blessings, and much "getting it" from your viewers!

  6. Once again I thank you for showing a way ... my own handmade paper, waiting patiently in a drawer for almost ten years, might yet find its way out into the world. And now I have the perfect excuse to buy a vintage typewriter (ha!)

  7. I love everything about this post and this work. I am the happiest when I make something truly for myself! Art works better when you make it for yourself, at least that's what I believe.

  8. Anonymous4:11 pm

    "Growing is what life is for"....a phrase to hold on to. Your assemblage is a perfect illustration of it.


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