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the healing machine

the healing machine , individual component, baling wire, aluminum foil
This post is about Emery Blagdon's Healing Machine.

the artist believed that his art could cure people
When Emery Blagdon was 48, he started building the healing machine and continued for 31 years until he died in 1986.  He lived in Nebraska and created an environment in a shed creating sculptures made of baling wire, aluminum foil, hand-painted lightbubs, salts, and bright paintings of geometric shapes.
Blagdon believed he was sensitive to electrical current and was investigating the curative powers of  this unseen force.  He hoped that the objects he made might ease human pain and suffering.
Portrait of Emergy Blagdon with his works in progress by Sally and Richard Greenhill 1979
In 1979, a couple from England, Sally and Richard Greenhill, came to Nebraska to photograph the artist.
view of Emery Blagdon's shed with installation of more than 300 hanging and standing sculptures made from bailing wire and aluminum foil
After his death, Emery Blagdon's work was collected together by his friends, including Dan Dryden.  The Kohler foundation acquired the work in 2004 and after conservation, it became part of the John Kohler Arts Center's permanent colleciton.  This includes the workshop and 400 constructions, paintings, and other components.  It is on view until July 1 2018.
It is fascinating that he had the idea that static electricity and its emanating aura would cure those who experience both physical and emotional suffering and so created these fantastical objects.
painted light bulbs

painted wood with nails and thread
His paintings of concentric circles and angualr lines seem to generate power and reflect it outwards.

the healing machine indvidual component, baling wire, wood, aluminum foil sculpture by Emery Blagdon
Here is another article about this artist, and an audio.
a visionary art environment
I was most attracted to the sculptures that used masses of repeated small and interesting shapes.  These were carefully placed within each of the "pretties" (his word for the individual components) so that they channel the earth's natural magnetic energy.  Read more here.
I had to go experience this exhibition twice and still walked away in awe.  


  1. Humans are fascinating beings. I would love to see the work of Emery Blagdon, and am impressed with his vision and desire to heal people with his work. I can see why you needed to go several times!

  2. what wonderment, is your leg feeling better from being with the healing machine?

  3. I love this work and the life that was dedicated to making it.

  4. Wow, this is fascinating! I bet it was something to see/experience!

  5. Oh, what a beautiful being...the audio description of him by the woman who lived near touches my heart. Really, I wish it would come to NYC...actually, I wish I'd known him.

  6. OMG Judy ! Thank you so much for this post. I have been yearning to see this work since I first heard of it many years ago I wrote the foundation and they said there were no plans to show the work again (at that time). I kept checking the foundation’s website & still no mention. So yes! Thank you for posting in time for us to plan a trip to see it! I have a deep conviction that energy is a valuable source for healing....I can’t wait to see this!

  7. About 4 ago, Nancy’s teacher sent me a link to an article about this for my birthday, and I have longed to see it ever since. Thanks to you, I will get to see it this year! We’ll be at an exhibit of The 70273 Project in St Cloud, MN in June, and it’s onky a 6-hour drive (as opposed to 21-hours from here) to where this (and other fascinating-looking exhibits) are. Thank you!

  8. I really and truly recommend this exhibition. It is fascinating just in itself - many constructions and chandeliers, moving mobiles, exciting paintings. However, the idea behind it of a man who believes in something so purely and dedicates the rest of his life to it - that is what is powerful and makes me ponder and think and expand within. love you all, thank you for reading. xoxo


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