Thursday, March 15, 2018

a big deal

I've been using the step ladder in my new studio
with those 10 foot walls.
Huge pieces.
It's all a big deal for me.
my pinwalls are made by covering the plaster with thin plywood and then
stapling 12 inch ceiling tiles, to that.   #husband did it
 I'm designing new work.
 Immense two sided pieces from rescued blankets and table cloths.
Soemtimes I'm dizzy ascending that ladder.
For a while, it felt as if I'd fallen in love.


  1. Congratulation!!!! Space to create huge work .....Have fun!!!!

  2. it must be fun to work large, I can't imagine standing on a ladder to work, lol

  3. The ladder is the really big deal for this post.
    I have not been able, because of the leg incident of 2016, to climb a ladder until this week.
    Climbing just to the second step and then pinning the heavy blankets to the wall, is physical work.
    I can do about 2 and a half hours and then am completely wiped out.
    I have to take short breaks between every 3 or 4 ascents.
    Because I am designing there is some shifting of the large parts.
    But I am so delighted to be embarking on what I think will be a major project for me.
    I will keep you all posted through the blog.
    Thanks for reading and for commenting. xoxo

  4. I continue to be in awe at the workings of your thoughtful, designing mind! But as they say in the UK, "Mind the Step!" when navigating that ladder. You are too precious to be injured by taking another tumble!

  5. Friend...I am so happy to hear you have made progress in your recovery. The space is terrific. Oh, those blue cloths - Heaven!

  6. Oh, Judy, I am tickled thinking of you equating dizziness with falling in love! That is how a loving, creative mind works, not to mention a good dollop of mischief from a wicked sense of humour. Hugs!!!!

  7. I am very happy for you ... happy and excited for all of us that get to come along with you on this new journey.

  8. I hope your future of working in large space might include a painters platform too. Where is this new studio? On your property or attached? Great work here. You might also consider wearing supports on the worried leg. Yay for healing and progress!

  9. didn't you?
    glad you have big space!

  10. Velma, I did.

    And my big space is terrifying but I love it too.

    Working larger than I ever have before puts me on the edge of a cliff.... it is sublime.

  11. Where is your new studio?
    All looks amazing.


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