Sunday, October 29, 2017

loving planet earth the way she loves her linens

starting a new piece inspired by
women's handkerchiefs and red thread
and our Canadian poet, PK Page

the trees must be washed and the grasses and mosses
they have to be polished as if made of green brass.
the rivers and little streams with their hidden cresses
and pale coloured pebbles
and fools gold
must be washed and starched
or shined into brightness,
the sheets of lake water
smoothed with the hand
and the foam of the oceans pressed into neatness


  1. love your deep heart

  2. There should be a love button on blogs, I would be hitting it now.

  3. Literally Gasped out loud when that stunning photo rolled into view - It just infused me with such pleasure, I forgot it's 4:30 in the early morning of a Monday in Manhattan.

  4. Thank you, Judy, for your poetic needle. And for opening doors to new poems.

  5. this looks really amazing, judy

  6. How words can be so incredibly true that they call to be treasured, one by one ... stitched into cloth and heart alike

    1. P.S. And I'm pleased to learn of the word "goffer"

  7. Thank you for this gift, Judy

  8. Beautiful post and beautiful poem that inspires me too. Thanks for your work and for reconnecting me with PK Page!

  9. Anonymous10:29 am

    What a beautiful idea for a quilt and a beautiful idea for a poem. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful creativity with the world.

  10. Friend,
    Incredible words. Looking forward to your journey with this cloth. Oh, and, I, too, had to look up the word "goffer." Love to learn new words. Blessings.

  11. So beautiful, thank you for sharing this.


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