Friday, August 18, 2017

Mended World on the dining room table

I brought Mended World home from the church so that I could package it up for exhibition at the International Quilt Festival in November.
Having it on the dining table rather over whelmed me.
There is so much touch in this piece.
So much time.
So much attention and intention.
It's 94 inches square.  Full image here.
In 1977, Adrienne Rich wrote about women's tasks.  She included world protection, world preservation and world repair in her list.
This quilt is made from donated or thrift shop table linens.  Over 100 people worked on it.
Mended World is the second panel (of four) in the Manitoulin Circle Project.  It was installed in the sanctuary of Little Current United Church in 2012.       
In 1971, Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro initiated Woman House, "a repository of the daydreams women have as they wash, bake, cook, sew, clean and iron their lives away"
Repairing the world while sewing our lives away.
My densely stitched quilts are so sensuous
they yearn to be touched
How many of them will it take to mend the world?
How many of them can I day dream my life away in?


  1. If "Mended World" is the result of daydreaming, I hope the daydreaming and making quilts will never stop Judy. Your quilts are a joy.

  2. Still the most wonderful example of dedication and cooperation.

  3. mending the world stitch by stitch, your work is such an inspiration

  4. Can only touch this beauty with my eyes...............

  5. very good questions. very good.

  6. I never get tired of seeing this work of art, it makes me daydream:>)

  7. Anonymous10:24 am

    I would choose daydreams over nightmares any time...

  8. I had the pleasure and honor of seeing Mended World at IQF, and I got to see her before the show opened and the crowds appeared. We communed.


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