Wednesday, July 12, 2017

how to love

I am writing this from Georgian Bay Canada.
Where the rocks are ancient spirals.
And folds.
And they have been here forever
and they shall continue.
And I've been working on the same pieces for months
And I shall continue.
And April and Jordan arrived on my birthday all the way from Chicago, and then they made a cake.
And we went for a sunset boat ride to celebrate.
And the sun continued its journey
And it too shall continue tomorrow
and the next tomorrow too
And then the next day April began to work with  a remarkable quilt top
Rescued from a flea market in Wisconsin
And finally,
the centerpiece that Jordan crafted for the birthday dinner
using wildflowers that have grown here forever
and they too shall continue
All these things fill me with gratitude
and tenderness
and wonder
and love.


  1. Inappeopriate, yet I find myself itching with envy...only maybe it's just longing.
    Such love and beauty...and the sun literally sinking into that water and the assurance that it will go on and on. Happy birthday dear Judy

  2. Appropriate typos of course :-->

  3. Seems that this birthday was an explosion of reasons to smile. I'm glad. May the smiles continue for a lifetime of tomorrows. Happy birthday, Sugar. xo

  4. Best wishes for many more happy returns!

  5. Beautiful sentiments, beautiful work. Happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday friend!
    I suddenly got "quiet" need to rush, I told myself. Things will continue tomorrow. Round and round we go. The piece you are working on looks fabulous! Keep going.

  7. Judy,
    You deserve it all. I am grateful to have this small window to share your joy.

  8. Happy birthday Judy! Couldn't imagine a more idyllic moment in place and time. :)

  9. happy birthday, happy love.

  10. Beautifully shared; wishing you much happiness!

  11. how lovely! such blue water! I have a lot of relatives that live in Canada, haven't been back there for years, yours is a beautiful country.

  12. i wish you happy birthday, too, and love the photos of a bit further north. i remember the georgian bay area. i loved it there.

  13. Best wishes, this seems like a wonderful birthday..........


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