Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday quilt photo

I am doing a lot of stitching these days.
I start early in the morning and continue through the day, into the evening.
I have an exhibition in Toronto in October and have designed 8 new pieces, none of them small.
Several of them are white
Four are made with old linen domestic damask..
I think that the title of the exhibition will have the word cloud in it.
I am still inspired by Luce Irigarary's poem 

especially the line "how do I make earth out of air, and protect the cloud in me?"
I am a bit worried that this blog will be boring as I work on these same 8 quilts over the summer.
I hesitate to show them here actually.
Isn't there a rule somewhere that artists must keep the work secret until the big unveil at the opening?
But then what would I show in my blog?
Rule, shmule.
This post is the first of Sunday quilt photos showing the progress of this body of work.
It also will document the advance of spring and summer here in my yard.
Today it's the middle of May and the new green all over is really fresh.
It's mother's day.
I share this lovely portrait of my mother Pauline in her mid-30's.

Mother's day was her very favourite holiday.
She didn't allow us to celebrate her birthday.

It is also my father's birthday today.   He turns 94.
He's been alone for ten years now.
These new quilts are journals of my spring of great happiness.
I feel as if I have a cloud of love in me.  


  1. Your blog is NEVER boring. Whatever you write and show.

    I am concerned also about showing or not showing the works in progress, but, I find it part of the process itself, as if I worked in a community of artists from everywhere.

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you, Judy. It is also MY father's birthday today! He turns 78.
    Please do not give too much way in your new series! There has to be a little surprise at the end of it. I will definitely go see your exhibit. I will be back by then. Have a great summer.

  3. I look forward to seeing what bits you do show of any of your work. To really see the whole works is to be there in their presence. No way you can give that away here, so please show on!

    Happy day to you, also, Judy.

  4. You move me so. It's a lovely portrait of your mother and I'm so glad you are showing the work ahead of the big unveiling. Lovely poem...lovely greening up and wonderful YOU. Happy mothers day to you too.

  5. thank you for sharing so much of your process!

  6. beautiful quilt, just love the nine dots.

  7. Hi Judy! Perhaps you should keep a little mystery and show just a little bit of the new series. Thanks for sharing the picture of your mom. A lovely picture. She has almost the same expression and hand position as the picture of you in this blog. Makes me think of my own beautiful mom.

  8. I don't think we could ever be bored with seeing your work. Please keep sharing as most of us sadly won't be able to go to your exhibition and I love hearing about each days journey.

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  10. I wish I lived nearer and could see your work for real. At the same time I would visit Colette Copeland who works quite differently to you but whose work I also admire.
    Maybe one day

  11. Oh Judy! It is simply not possible for you or your blog to be or become boring!!! Your blog continues to be a place of meditative quiet & total inspiration. I look forward to every photo, thought & quote you share. All the very best for the making of these 8 pieces. I hope every aspect of their birthing goes smoothly & happily for you.


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