Tuesday, May 23, 2017

heart ache and delight, both are gifts

everything that occurs is actually the path itself

the best I can do, the most and the least
walking barefoot in my house

grounding myself, keeping my energy balanced

and my vulnerable innerness
I am past menopause now and children have flown, but that does not mean that I have stopped my deep and powerful inner life

In fact, my inner life is immense

it is a cloud, a beautiful cloud
I am an emotional thinker

blessed and lucky to be  given time to

pour my love into these cloths

it is all a gift

the glittering water, the bird song, the trees

you can scream into your journals

I am making simpler and simpler quilts

I am enjoying the process more and more

we know nothing
even about ourselves

(virginia woolf)
quilts are the strongest art form to express intimacy

I become part of the cloth as I stitch

and then I cover you with me
nothing extra

just dedication

there is a horizon between reality and our ability to imagine

i want to be loved

i am here
use everything that happens as a means for waking up

wake up

the sun is available always

it shines on everyone with no discrimination

(pema chodron)


  1. simple and direct...I love Pema and these intricate stitches work will with her words.

  2. such beautiful textures

  3. Wonderful post, Judy. Yes, everything is the path to awakening, everything is our teacher. Your quilting is always ravishing. Happy spring/summer. xx

  4. I like the 'I cover you with me' idea. It is so very true with quilts.

  5. Bless you.
    You are loved
    and your love shines through in your work.

    Love these new minimalist but not simple pieces.
    Love you...dear friend

  6. I have no words...just, thank you.

  7. I sense your sharing has blossomed.

  8. I am so pleased and given joy by this post today. I never post, but this one today really moved me. Just Wonderful! Thank you.

  9. Wonderful quilt and wonderful words! Very touching! Thank you!

  10. There is poetry in your words and your work Judy. Thank you for both.

  11. speechless before your beautiful words

  12. Your words speak kindly and reassuring to me today. Flowing smoothly, surrounding your beautiful stitches. Thank you.

  13. A quilt for the inner life, so beautiful.


Thank you for taking the time to connect. Much appreciated.xx