Wednesday, April 26, 2017

mid west america

Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska
Beautiful names
Astounding views of emptiness and fertility
two days on the interstate
traveling to Lincoln Nebraska with Bethany Garner, who drove all the way
we told each other our life stories
 and I stitched in car!

love is too dynamic to be tied to a person's destiny
it is an emotion


  1. in love with your Sun!

  2. Woah got a dose of mid-west for sure! Isn't it nice to have a driver!!!? You sure do a lot of work in that side of the car! Beautiful.

  3. love cannot be tied. indeed.

  4. Though I've lived in California for a long time, I was born and raised in Indiana. The midwest is very beautiful.

  5. Same view here in Central Alberta...the western-most part of Canada's "mid-west"...I hope you noticed that sky!! :-)

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  7. seeing the greening of the vast places...

  8. Checking in. Beautiful work. Love the last phrase. Thinking about it. Be well!


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