Wednesday, March 15, 2017

raw march

I've been working with raw edges this winter.
I've been using the big table.  Wider than most, it can also expand lengthwise.  When Ned was a boy, his father used to get him to crawl underneath this table to see the craftsman's mark.
The two pieces in this post are for the exhibition in October.   Most of the pieces for the show are connected by their process.  First, they were wrecked and then they were mended.  Putting them together is filling nearly all my time during these raw months.
I like doing them at home.
Gaston Bachelard said that the chief benefit of the house is that it shelters daydreaming.
To be human we have thoughts and we have experiences.
Mostly, though, what makes us human are our daydreams
and daydreams are very different from dreams.
Space is more important than time for the unconscious.
One of the reasons I like to work in a large scale is that it gives my viewers the space to daydream.


  1. love the "hairy" look of it all ;-)

  2. Ah space. The best way to work, looking forward to summer for that, in the backyard, and at residency. One doesn't have to think then, one just does.

    Those spaces in the cloth are wells of consciousness and subconscious i think. Space to move, move around and in, and ultimately away from, to more space(s).

  3. you have been very busy!

    i think of ice as smooth, not seeing it much. but it looks like it can be just as "mobile" as the ocean. so the cloth is made to depict that? [i don't wish to presume]

    ducking under tables has always been an earthquake move for me. i don't think my father ever left his 'mark' on the under side of the tables he made. but it's important to leave a mark of self. those he did leave.

  4. There is such a sensation of movement in these cloths.

  5. Both works are stunning. So inspiring.

  6. Beautiful way of spending the 'raw months'! And what a beatiful quote. Have to write that one down. Thank you for thinking of us when making your wonderful creations! I can actually daydream on your 'raw month' project! Where can I find where your work is exhibited?

  7. Simone, I am preparing this new work for exhibition in Toronto. I am quite excited to prepare for it as I have not had solo exhibit in Toronto before. The name of the gallery is David Kaye gallery. The exhibition is October 2017.

  8. your sense of scale blows me away

  9. That "back" is stunning, especially if it is strips of the dreaded harem cloth!

    I love how you give both sides of your quilts such attention.

    I disagree with Bachelard this once though. To the imagination 6 inches can easily be 6 feet. For myself, my imagination needs time to roam.

  10. Can space and time be perhaps the same if you consider time as a linear concept in which case it's an endless amount of possibilities and it is only the present moment that limits these possibilities. Symmetrical relationships to future houses and past houses stand in opposition to the current habitation. The past house is as much of a daydream as any future. Only the footsteps of our imagination walk those rooms leaving marks perhaps never made. You ask a lot of the cloth, wrecking and then mending, taxing its fragility. Daydreams have a way of exposing the same kind of fragility. Daydreams have a quality of the unspent, the raw edge that lost the bond to hold. How many times can it be mended and mending one spot may weaken the adjacent. The candle does burn at both ends

  11. Thank you for these thoughtful responses.

    There is a lot to think about. Time. Space. Wrecked. Mended.

    I'd like to add that Solitude is crucial for the day dream imagination.

    And that I am using cloth as metaphor.


  12. I had written a comment last week ... sometimes I do stupid things on this computer :(
    Anyway, I adore the top photo with the holes and I would be all over them with machine embroidery ... lol.
    Your work is beautiful and 'wanna touch'-able ... but I know I could never, ever, blame my mother, leave all those 'hairy' bits ... my itchy fingers would be grabbing the scissors !
    Kudos to you for being so calm and relaxed and patient ;)

  13. Thank you for sharing your daydream world of cloth and the words by Gaston. I must research him for further study. Daydreams are a balm, aren't they!


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