Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Judith and Sheila and bundles, oh my

Judith Scott  Untitled
This post is about two exhibitions I viewed at the end of October 2017 during a visit to Toronto.
First:  Judith Scott at Oakville Galleries
I admire this artist's exploration of wrapped form.
This exhibition satisfies as the maze of large plinths display the work well and invite the viewer to come close to the pieces.  A chart on the wall of their drawn outlines informs us that they are all named  "untitled" and were made between 1991 and 2004, the year before Judith Scott passed away.
 This one reminds me of a book wrapped shut.
My body understands these objects better than my mind does.  When I look at them, my arms feel the familiar gesture of wrapping, repetitive and large, a healing motion that carefully covers something mysterious with threads.  It all makes me feel better.
The exhibition  of Judith Scott's bundles continues until the end of this year.
Sheila Hicks    Perpetual Migration 
 Sheila Hicks Material Voices was on show at the Textile Museum of Canada.
Again - wrapped forms.  These tall narrow bundles are bamboo wrapped with cotton, wool, metal wire, linen and coins and are a small section of Sheila Hicks' large installation from 2015's Art Basel which dwarfed viewers at 14 feet x 40 feet.

Lares and Penates
1990 - 2013  Sheila Hicks
Wrapped Memories
This method of displaying small circular bundles across a wall is very inspiring.
The textile museum has audio clips of Sheila Hicks speaking about her work throughout the gallery.
Her voice as so full of joy.  You can hear her passion about the materials she explores.
Mandan Shrine 2016
Linen, cotton and synthetic, Sheila Hicks
This piece uses 'pony - tails- her own method. The artist puts long pieces of soft linen threads together and then binds them tightly and neatly with bright threads.
Dotted here and there within this exhibition of large sculptural pieces, are some of Sheila Hicks' miniatures,  woven experiments that she has continued doing for her entire career. (50 years).  The two shown here are very recent.  A book devoted to this body of small works is precious.
Above,  Sentinel des Sentiments 2016
Below,  Cour de Rohon 2015
Say yes before saying no.
Include rather than ignore and exclude 
Always carry a pencil, paper and camera.' 

Sheila Hicks

This beautiful exhibition is on view at the textile museum of Canada until February 5 2017


  1. thank you for this. and i believe i recognize a special someone.

  2. You are welcome, and Yes, with her permission.

  3. Thank you Judy for bringing this beautiful art to my screen. Otherwise sadly missed.

  4. both exhibitions remain up and if you live close to Oakville - Toronto area in Ontario, they are worth while for us who love bundles

    Judith Scott until December 30
    Sheila Hicks until February 5


  5. great inspiration and magnificent work.. thank you...

  6. Since the days of Ritzi Jacobi in the late 70's when I was in school, bundles have spoken to's nice to be in touch with kindred spirits who speak the same language! Thank you for peeks at these exhibitions!

  7. I'm very drawn to the idea of bundling or wrapping. These are amazing and wonderful.


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