Friday, November 04, 2016

world of threads 3

Bird Tree by Cynthia Schira  New York USA  cotton and rayon
Astral Garden by Cynthia Schira inspired by Voynich Manuscript, jaquard woven, computerized machine embroidery

Interaction #9  Gerri Splka Pennsylvania USA

Cotton with Wool Batt, machine pieced and quilted - both sides of corridor filled with Gerri Spilka's large scale work

Interaction #22  Hinged by Gerri Spilka Pennsylvania USA
detail  Gerri Spilka

Veil of Tears by Magda Sobon Poland
veil of tears continued kozo fibres and thread, own technique Magda Sobon
Pillow Talk by Pamela Allen Kingston Ontario Canada

Laundry is For the Birds  diptych by Pamela Allen  Fabric collage, applique, machine quilted

Women in war for Peace  by Brigitte Amarger  France  x-rays, nylon thread, hand knitting, laser engraving and sewing

I did not see everything - there are 315 pieces of art by 134 artists from around the world.  This is the 3rd of 3 posts. It was an overwhelming experience.  Please continue to scroll down and enjoy.  Click on artists names to go to their web sites - you will be most impressed. x

My piece, LAKE, can be seen on my updates.  Here


  1. All three are magnificent...what a great show it must be. (((whew)))

  2. Thank you for sharing with the 3 posts. What beautiful works!

  3. Dear Judy
    There was time to look at your blog and many thanks for all your comments, photos, thoughts. congratulations for beeing into the show - great work!!!!
    It would be wonderful to stay in contact
    Greetings as well to your husband

  4. past three posts: AMAZING
    thank you for sharing!! xxx

  5. You are most welcome.

    I did not comment on any of the works other than to say which country the artists were from. This is how the show was curated as well. There were no artist statements or information - the variety of exhibitions were curated and grouped from what came forth in the call to enter.

    I did not see everything. There was so much.

  6. I have loved looking at all these pieces of work, thanks for sharing

  7. I visited the show today and was totally overwhelmed with the talent, the works, the incredible variety. Thank you for showcasing what you could here. I would certainly encourage anyone who can to go and see the show in person. But give yourself time to see it all. Well worth the visit!

  8. Two friends and I saw this show venue on Tuesday ... I was overwhelmed and very impressed ... and totally exhausted !
    So many wonderful pieces of art !! Congrats to you ... your piece was beautiful !


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