Thursday, November 24, 2016

Victoria Carley

Apollo 2014 by Victoria Carley

This post is about an exhibit that took place Septebmer 29 to October 30 2016 at the David Kaye Gallery, Toronto Canada.  Victoria Carley, The Myths and Memory.

"I use my art to investigate expressing emotion and abstract concepts through the textile medium."  Victoria Carley
Victoria Carley at David Kaye Gallery October 2016.  on left We Saw It Shoot Across the Sky 2014, center Winter 2016, right Fall 2016 extreme right Sorrow and Loss, 2013, The Minotaur 2015 and Persephone 2014 glimpses
"In my recent work I have focused on two main themes.

The Greek and Roman myths are core subjects in European art, frequently depicted to show beauty and to teach moral lessons.  I reinterpet the myths looking for the emotion at the core of the myth.  I do not tell the story of the myth, I use my art as a reminder of the story."  Victoria C
Sorrow and Loss 2014 and The Minotaur 2015 by Victoria Carley
"Memories of massive weather events, such as seeing a shooting star, or other extraordinary cosmic or atmospheric event and the cloud of disorderly emotions that surrounds both the sighting and the telling of the sighting."  V C
We Talk About that Storm 2015 and It Seemed to Plummet to the Earth 2014 both by Victoria Carley at David Kaye Gallery, Toronto October 2016

"The brief, almost ephemeral nature of how we experience them.  

People are natural storytellers, compelled to describe both mundane and important events.  We strive to tell stories that accurately portray our experiences but we are giving up this skill, and important method of embedding a memory in our minds, by relying on photographs as the only validation of an event. Digital cameras and phones allow me to record everything I see.  Without a photograph can I believe what I saw?  In portraying the event I draw attention to what I experienced emotionally. This is my truth about seeing."  V.C. 

Apollo 2014 43 x 50 inches  and Leda and the Swan 2015 46 x 52 inches  both by Victoria Carley at David Kaye gallery

" Apollo is powerful, beautiful and vain.  I see him as blazing with his own grandeur.  So bright is the power of his flames, the light he emits obscures the details of his face and form."  V.C.
Apollo detail  Victoria Carley

Apollo detail Victoria Carley
"These large fabric works are made by machine sewing together small sections of fabrics of varying weights and textures with over stitching by hand to enhance the texture and narrative." VC
It Seemed To Plummet to the Earth 2014 60 x 47 Victoria Carley mixed fabrics
"I view the Abstract Impressionists as the most robustly male, and emotionally explicit movement in art, and wondered how that sensibility would combine with the femininty of fabric patchwork."  Victoria Carley

It Seemed To Plummet to the Earth detail Victoria Carley
"The compositions develp organically from the fabric and my process of selecting, cutting, assembling and over stitching."  V C
There are eleven pieces in this exhibit and full views of each of them can be seen on David Kaye's site.  click here.   All text in this post is from the artist's statement. 


  1. such brilliant painterly work, being with them in real life must be breath taking

  2. Thanks,for sharing, I learn so much here! These are breath taking

  3. Lost for words - these are just stunning, thats so much for giving us the opportunity to view them.

  4. Such mesmerizing pieces. To see them in person must have been very wonderful. Again, thank you, Judy, for your generous sharing of so much beauty.

  5. Judy, thank you, I really love this work, how it is based in some sort of liquid tradition. How beautiful!

  6. Ohh. I love them all, but especially the black. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. That is quite an amazing body of work.

  8. Powerful and beautiful work. Thank you for sharing them.

  9. I keep coming back to this body of work-it is inspirational.


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