Thursday, November 10, 2016


One of the reasons I make quilts is that they make me feel so good.
I love to make them and I love to be wrapped in them.
The weight of those layers of fabric and miles of thread, combined with months of embedded, repeated touching is a perfection of comfort.

Above is a pencil drawing I did in 2009.
In it, I'm wrapped in Something More Magical Than It Ever Was.  also see here
A similar drawing with When Asked She Replied is on my website - see here.,  the quilt here

If that is why I make quilts, why do I blog?
Is this blog another cover-up?
Do I pull it over me when I need to feel in touch?

I'm sad that Leonard died.
I'm sad that Donald won.
I have a lot of readers who come from pinterest to visit images of work from years ago.
I do not need to write new blog posts for them.
I need to write for me.
I need to feel in touch.

I'm going to try to be more honest here.  (not safe) 


  1. The safest position in this material world is to be resting in truth.
    I am Sad for the same reasons friend and appreciate comforting refuge

  2. Yes, yes, yes. We must be strong and speak up for what is right. I share your sadness and take comfort from the art you have shared. The previous commenter said something profound and important to re-member.

  3. (((Judy))) thank you for all the deep heart and soul you share through stitch, image and words

  4. I'm numb right now and terribly sad but this is not unfamiliar and I know time will help me recover. I've been listening to Leonard's last album this past week and it has felt like a farewell but today feeling the reality of his going. I have an afghan that I knitted when I was 20 years old and it holds comfort for me.
    Thank you so much for your beautiful drawings and words today.

  5. You will be safe wrapped in your truth. Always glad to come here for what you share.
    (Had "Hallelujah" playing as I came here to read.)

  6. I am sad too. For the same reasons. I don't feel safe though. I feel shaken and fearful.

  7. being more honest and not safe is a risk. i support you in taking that risk.

  8. Was that pencil drawing? Amazing work that really looked like a photo made with computer scanning of some ancient mummy.

  9. Hi from Spain Judy. I am not very sensitive to art work -any kind- but I visit your blog almost every week just to watch the quality and the gentle feeling of quietud that inspire me; so what I try to tell you is thanks for sharing your work with us in the blog.
    I agree that being honest is a risk specially on internet and I support you too for that.

  10. Yes, a pencil drawing.

    I used to draw and paint much more than I do now. I wonder why that is?

    I procrastinate. I love the stitching and am nurtured by it I guess. Drawing seems more risky - and it takes more concentration. It takes more energy . It's more complicated to set up.

    I am going to draw and paint this winter. I am determined to do so - I believe that drawing helps us so much to bring forward things from our interior place.

    Thanks for all supportive comments, I am so glad to know you.

  11. yes, drawing, me too it's my root.

  12. I don't draw much... never have felt the same way about picking up a pencil the way I do a needle and thread or fiber.
    I do like to colour always have. Maybe some day I will take a drawing class. Meanwhile I use my stitching time to relax. I seem to be much more settled in my mind after a good time stitching.

    thanks for sharing your words and pictures. It is always good to find people who send good signals out into the world.

  13. Your thoughts, open and true, are what gives comfort those of us who follow, Judy...we seek that truth and take from it strength and courage. We are blessed to have your wise counsel when things are tough and when the world is making decisions that we cannot understand. I am there just now, with young of my family in turmoil and fear as the changes in their lives in the US are so uncertain.

    I too am yearning to hear the voice of Leonard again - Shelagh Rogers connected me with that voice on the CBC today - you and Shelagh, so one in strength.

  14. Thank you for sharing this. I've been asking this question too, why blog? Why do I blog? And I always struggle with how much and what to share and why. I am always in awe of Grace/Windthread. I have a goal for myself, to be more open. To participate seems very important...

  15. Beautiful thoughts Judy. Blogging as a journal of thoughts and images, actions and events, indeed a valuable part of the domestic and creative.

  16. It's been a difficult week. Thank goodness for the comfort of quilts and friends and your blog.

  17. applause for being unsafe and you. publicly. risk.

  18. Fear not.
    We have been rescued.

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