Thursday, September 15, 2016


Sometimes, I ask myself, do I feel that time is LOST when I use so much of it to stitch?  Or, do I think that time is saved?  Answer:  When I am lucky enough to spend an entire day with stitching, I never feel that time has been lost.

Time is my main material.

Shown: the back of Cross My Heart when I just started it.  The front is a grid of overdyed linen squares layered on a piece of dyed velvet.
I remember debating about which side I preferred.   The finished front here.


  1. this Other Side....has so much
    to float and breathe

    is a perfect image for me of we think it's all the Front, but
    the Back is maybe where it's At
    and also always There too...we can go there

  2. the beneath of time

  3. Time as a resource spent well.

  4. So beautiful!!!
    Life goes so fast around us that taking Time to sew,make stitches may seem like luxury.
    I sometimes have to fight a little culpability........but start again the n'est day!!!!!
    Love your work
    Inspiration to me

  5. thank you for these comments.

    This piece brings back so many memories, especially when I look at the back. So much was happening around me when I was starting this piece and the stitching holds that time.

  6. I think that sometimes too

  7. Time is my main material... i love this sentence!

    the Piece Looks wonderful from the back, too.


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