Thursday, July 28, 2016


 This post is about the phulkari embroideries from the Punjab area of India.
I have long been inspired by the bagh (garden) embroideries where the stitches completely cover the ground fabric. (see here for another example)  They take several years to complete and are used in wedding ceremonies.
 All photos in this post are of the bagh I saw at the art institute of Chicago in 2015.
To get such accuracy in the geometric pattern, the stitches are worked from the reverse of the fabric using counted thread.  This is mind-boggling.
An interesting link with many more examples of phulkari traditional work is here.
Anne Morrell says:

Darning stitch in phulkari is usually started with a small knot or back stitch and finished with a little back stitch.  The embroidery is worked with the reverse side of the cloth facing the worker.  The stitches change direction, and this, combined with the use of an untwisted, soft floss silk thread, reflects the light, giving the surface a shiny appearance.  The traditional colours of thread include white, gold, orange, green and crimson.


  1. this embroidery stitch is very much like discontinuous brocade weaving. counted thread embroidery is so much related to brocade, a method where you actually weave the base cloth as you decorate. slow going in either case but such a rich result.

  2. Fascinating ... there's no end to learning

  3. Judy we have a local Indian restaurant - Punjabi Dhaba - and their ceiling is a canopy of these wonderful textiles. Whenever we visit I spend a heck of a lot of time gazing upwards!

  4. Just looking and loving.

  5. loving the look but thinking they have way more patience than I have.

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