Tuesday, March 22, 2016


 You will never be alone
 You hear so deep
Yellow pulls across the hills and thrums
You turn your head
That's what the silence meant

text from william stafford's poem assurance
images of my newest piece - a portfolio of sketches - large emptiness, small marks


  1. Inspiring, as always. I need to do some quiet contemplative stitching.

  2. I'm intrigued by your use of backstitch ... and very much like interior views

  3. The back stitch strengthens the edges and is beautiful on both sides. One of my favourite stitches. x

    1. It is great to see inspirational pieces like yours Judy and to know that someone else is loving Kantha/quilting/slow stitching. Whatever you call it this form of stitching is very complentative. Keep up inspiring me.

  4. What kind of fabrics did you use? Are they reused? It looks like there is a buttonhole on the first picture...

  5. I used a wide variety of fabrics for the 36 pages. Many are dyed with indigo, many are linen damask, several are neutral coloured silks from my collection. I'll post some images of these pages one of these days.

    This particular post focuses on the cover - or folder for the pages, that I have just finished with back stitch and hand made buttonholes. The folder closes over and contains the 36 pages which will remain loose so that they can be looked at one by one or in smaller groups, or in a large grid of 6 x 6. The buttonholes were made by me to fit over some bone toggles. Four toggles close the folder.

    Because of all the silk and taffeta and damask -there is a lush feel to these sketches, which are inspired by empty spaces in nature, such as the sky, or the horizon over water, or fields of grass.

    Thank you for your question. x

  6. Beautiful stitching that you can really get lost in. Quietly exquisite.

  7. judy, i finally made it over, and then see this amazing piece. i want to hold it and spend a while, turning pages. this is so fine!


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