Friday, January 15, 2016

In January

In the winter evenings, we've been watching Borgen.
Oona and her family were here for new year's, April was here for over a week.

Our time together is held with my needle and thread.
I began to go to yoga and am learning how to breathe.
I prepared to teach a workshop and then did.
Ned drove to Toronto for two meetings and it snowed while he was away.
He mended the little chair that used to be his and took it with him for our grand son.
Everything is here in my stitching,
the place of memory.

hold still
keep going


  1. Beautiful in so many ways. This quilt is a true heirloom.

  2. yes. it is all held, the story. it is marvelous, the energy of a stitched cloth.

  3. 'Everything is here in my stitching,
    the place of memory.'
    True in a beautiful and timeless way.

  4. Ah, Borgen!!! The only drawback is that I can't stitch while I watch it. Stitching and subtitles don't mix.

  5. that red bird... is stirring a memory... perhaps it's a thread of a story woven into "Someplace to be Flying" by Charles de Lint...

  6. You've started yoga! I've started, too (again). Don't you feel marvelous afterwards? And hey, love your "sticky notes." x

  7. It is really true how when you touch something that you touched with such intensity while making it...the life that surrounded you at the time of the making comes back.

    Touch is the mother of the senses.

    Thank you for comments - I love this quilt and pet it every night after a few stitches. I do stitch during the's a basic running stitch however.

    happy January!

  8. ah just tracked down that red crow in "Memory & Dream" by Charles de Lint
    ""I don't have a red crow beating its wings in my chest. When we die, we become nothing. We're not the same as you. When you die, the red crow flies away and you're supposed to live somewhere else. I want to follow it. I want it to show me how we can be real, too."

  9. I become calmer just looking at your beautiful stitching. Ah-h-h-h-h-h...

  10. Your work is wide and deep, and always stunningly beautiful. All those stitches, sheltering the wisdom and ethos of their time and yours, ready to impart the spirit they hold to those who seek with clear eyes and open heart. It is a blessing to all of us that you share so fully and freely. Thank you.

  11. wonderful week! I still have my rocking chair when I was a baby, i collect children's chairs, love them, beautiful quilt

  12. Wonderful stitches!

  13. i love this: everything is here in my stitching,

  14. soft, soft, soft
    the quilt has soft colours and looks so soft


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