Friday, October 09, 2015

Old Photographs

I have been going through photos as I prepare for the workshop next week, and came across some working photos of the circle panels that might have been shown on this before, I can't remember. If so, hope you don't mind if I share them now.  The first one (above) is from 2010 -  just before the Earth Ark panel went into the frame.  I had it at home and was tidying up the inside of all the pieced triangles.
The photo above is also from 2010.  It has the Earth Ark central circle pinned up in front of some other circular work I was making at the same time - when I had that lovely studio in town with the ten foot walls and great light. The quilt in the back is Cross My Heart, my Quilt National 2011 piece before it was so drastically trimmed.  Still wish I hadn't done that.
The above photo surprised me.  I had forgotten that I had even pinned these parts to the wall.  The black pieced section is now arranged vertically and has found a place in my new dream cloth.  The white pieced sections are sections of the earth ark panel's lower half - I believe this pattern of half square triangles is called Broken Dishes.  The urn has gone through many transformations and has been over-dyed.  I'm not finished with it yet.
 These next two photos are from the summer of 2011 when i finished up the quilting of the 'heaven' area (made from women's handkerchiefs) in the quilt hoop, not the frame.  I took it to the cottage.  The curvy lines were inspired by the skies in Emily Carr's paintings.
The panels from the Manitoulin Circle Project have been exhibited in galleries and Karen Thiessen of Day In & Day Out Blog (on my sidebar) came to the opening of the Mended World exhibition when it was in Kitchener.  She has just published three insightful reviews on her blog that can be accessed from this link.  I also put the same link (and two more found photos from 2011) on my updates blog  here.  Thank you Karen.


  1. Judy, your posts are always inspirational, but today's so very much more. It shares the artist that we know you to be... thoughtful, insightful, sharing and a leader in the art world. The photos are a record of process, of the "way" you audition art. And to have the chance to see the QN piece as it was originally planned and can feel your regret - just know it was and is a truly important piece.

    Have a wonderful trip and workshop in Gros Morne. Enjoy the venue and the sharing.

  2. Judy, all I can mutter is, you have accomplished SO much. I feel honored be a witness to your process. Thank you.

  3. I continue to admire the gentle courage of your work. Soul food.

  4. love the top photo.

  5. I love that top photo too. x

  6. Your work is always inspiring to me. There is so much depth of feeling in what you do. I really love the mock up with the urn. Would you mind if I used the idea for one of my quilts?


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