Thursday, October 15, 2015

Meditative Stitching

I did one thread on this velvet sample yesterday, it calmed me and I could then sleep.

The Meditation Panel Workshop begins tomorrow.  See the outline here.


  1. I did look.....comprehensive. Wish I was there.
    Actually, wish I was looking at that landscape !
    Don't forget to have FUN :-->

  2. I think that those of us who do the slow work of textile art while here in this monumental and sublime landscape will be forever changed. We will carry this landscape with us in the work when we return to our lives. It will be embedded. I am so very pleased to be here. xo

  3. Blessings as you begin this journey, and to those who are with you - they will be profoundly changed in all they do, see and attempt in this workshops as they move forward as artists and stitchers. So wish I were there with you. One day...
    Enjoy every minute, every breath and every sight.

  4. your centreing thread as you begin in this beautiful place goes deep

  5. i wish you could do a meditative stitch class on line,

  6. I so understand. I've just finished two quilts in the last couple of weeks, thinking that's it for the year. But it's the meditative hand stitching I miss and will no doubt begin a new project again within a few days.


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