Tuesday, August 11, 2015

time and accident

She told me that I don't need to completely cover the surface and that she notices the marks more if there are fewer of them.
I told her that my work is about time and accident and that both sides are the right side.
I want to communicate time spent and the unintended beauty of nature and human marks.
I told her that I want my viewer to look at my work and understand the thoughtful solitude that goes into the production of it.
There is a feeling of being alone with one's own meditative self.
This is my subject and what I hope to communicate.
"Are your memories coming to you or are you going to them?
If you are going to them then you are wasting time.
Nostalgia is not productive.
If they are coming to you,
they are the seeds for sculpture."  Louise Bourgeois


  1. Anonymous1:19 am

    thank you for the words of " Louise Bourgeois "
    greets M.

  2. I have just finished reading a splendid book on LB's Cells, and so this post is particularly apposite.

  3. True. I like memories but never thought about from this site.

  4. ah I love this one so much Judy it's a ladder to the Moon!

  5. You have communicated your message very well.

  6. Hmmm. Spacing my marks (stitches, patterns, etc.) is a new challenge that I am playing with. Like your's, my work is about density. It's an interesting shift.

  7. Anonymous8:27 pm

    This quote and your stitches… I so appreciate the poignant truths you share…how you are able to get to the root of things

  8. henrietta zielinski7:21 am

    Your words, "thoughtful solitude," echoes to me Marianne Moore's, "the cure for loneliness is solitude," and how the rings might be reflection pools. Beautiful post.

  9. ~ beautiful, relaxing post ~

  10. "I want to communicate time spent and the unintended beauty of nature and human marks." You do. You really, really do. x

  11. Your work and work are very inspiring for me!

  12. Dear Judy, Your stitchings are poetry straight from the heart.


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