Tuesday, August 25, 2015

exhibiting in Toronto again this summer

Hard Twist 10: Memory is being installed in the Gladstone Hotel tomorrow.
It will be open to the public August 27, and will remain up until December 27, 2015.
I will be showing my wool blanket piece, Red Moons, in this exhibit.  I had it here at the cottage so that I could add the second sleeve that the curators requested, and also to sew on a label.  Our daughter delivered it to the Gladstone for installation when she went down to Toronto yesterday.
This piece doesn't have the amount of stitching that I usually add to fabric, but it does have time.
It has over 90 years of time.
Made from the borders of a much loved woolen blanket, the worn marks left by human bodies and hands are the evidence of life lived, dreams, weather and sleep's vulnerability.
Hanging it from the two sleeves projects the piece out from the wall into our space.  It becomes sculptural.

The Hard Twist exhibit has its formal opening on September 10 at 7 pm.
Specific information about time, place and list of other artists are on my update blog - click here.
More photos and info about red moons are here.
The Gladstone Hotel has profiled my work on their blog today - click here for that.
I am very pleased to be included in this important exhibition.


  1. A very cultural piece hung like that. I do like hand stitched labels. I am busy doing that at the moment.

  2. It's beautiful and lyrical, hung that way. It does evoke emotion about the fragility of life. The hotel did a very nice write up too!

  3. Just Excellence as always.

  4. What an amazing, fabulous piece... Congratulations...

  5. Congratulations for the artworkand the exhibition, Judy!

  6. I must try to get to the Gladstone for this exhibit. Great to keep in touch via seeing your work, Judy (and reading your blog)!


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