Monday, July 13, 2015

above us only sky

To me, quilt backs are as beautiful and important as quilt fronts.
Usually I plan the pieced back with as much design intent as the front, only simpler.
I like things that seem simple, yet are also complex.
 I consider how the stitches will look on the back.
The solid piece of aqua dupioni silk has a sheen that reacts to the light and to the variety of tensions I've put into it with my handwork.
For example, the creten stitch (see here) on the front translates to double lines of small horizontal stitches on the back.
I love the quirkiness and the sensuality of these lines.
I've been focused on this piece for six weeks.
My tools are a needle and a small pair of embroidery scissors, my material is miles of thread.
While I've been stitching, life whirls on.
It whirls past.
What was spring is now mid-summer.


  1. Backsides and foundations, where the dreams come from, more fascinating thanthe visible often. What's anything without a good bedrock to stand on? That's i feel where the imagining comes from. This is a pure perception, this blue expanse.

  2. I also love the backs. I like the lack of control they show. They look as if they represented the unconsciousness or our process. Something that complements our work.

  3. love the word translate here as it applies to one side speaking to another. and you closeness to that.

  4. love how your photography gives such a strong sense of the tactile qualities in your work

  5. What a wonderful "background" Judy :-)

  6. That reverse is once simple and complex
    Like the shifting ocean

  7. Beautiful marks, as always. I'm just beginning to process the pics from your Mended World exhibition as I learn a new photo-editting program, so I'm thinking about your work a lot these days. It's a pleasure!

  8. Such lovely contemplative Imagining. All the world.

  9. The texture and color of this quilt back evoke some of the infinite and ineffable qualities of sea and sky. Those little double row stitches are powerful.

  10. Je trouve ce travail magnifique!!!

    The front side is the cover, the enticer. The back side is what keeps me safe and warm and gives me room to dream. I look forward to working on the backs of quilts.
    Hope you keep smiling, take care! <3


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