Thursday, June 04, 2015

like a bird in the darkness

henri matisse goache on paper, cut and pasted on paper 1946  Oceanie, le ciel
Oceanie, le ciel 1946 by Henri Matisse detail  with glass reflection
Henri Matisse continued with his quest for innovation into old age and made monumental cut-outs while bed-ridden
detail of Oceanie le ciel 1946 cut and pasted paper

Oceanie, le ciel 1946  Henri Matisse  goache on paper cut and pasted on paper, 169cm x 395cm each section
 collection of the musee departmental Matisse, Le cateau Cambresis.
Matisse made this design into a screen print on linen in 1948
included in The Oasis of Matisse exhibition, Stedelijk museum Amsterdam until Agust 16 2015
our life is such a little thing,
 like a bird in the darkness 
 finding its way into a banquet hall
 and flying through it
and looking at all the banqueters 
and then flying out the other side

the venerable bede  7th century


  1. Love everything about this. Thank you for sharing!

  2. gosh , exactly as Marianna has said above. this so resonates. the words , the images with a ghostly figure and those stunning WHITE forms. long inhale .... thank you.

  3. All those gestures, and he was nearly stark blind when he did the cut outs. Indeed, lives fragile as a birds and ephemeral, continuous as bud to flower to seed.

  4. the way you have connected the cutouts of Matisse with these photographs & poetry has opened my eyes & mind to his work.

  5. Oh my, you got to see it in real life! Lucky you! Matisse is one of my faves.

  6. Thanks for the reminder .... didn't visit yet ;-)

  7. Amazing how these words written w soul so long ago Light a banquet within me now, shared from you via blog technology, this many many moons into the future from "conception"


  8. Thank you for sharing the close up images of the gouache. We have one of the screen printed versions in the National Gallery in Canberra. I love to visit it and have copied many of the images into my notebook. I love the textures of the original cut outs, that was unexpected being only familiar with the screenprint.


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