Thursday, June 25, 2015

exhibiting in Toronto

An installation of my work is going up today in Toronto, Canada at the Campbell House Museum, corner of Queen and University.  If you live in Toronto, it's that little brick building that you hardly notice behind the tall iron fence.  Here's a good photo of it.

The opening is 6 pm tomorrow evening, June 26.
The exhibition is P0P F0LK T3XTIL3S and I am one of four artists included.

Ned is installing my work based on how we did it last March in Sudbury.  Above, you can see him and Sophie LeBlanc (curator of the exhibit) discussing how and where the variety of elements will be placed in the formal ball room of the house/museum.
In this post I've included images of the green cedar-twig wraps I made and gave away last March.
Little poems.
Catching and holding their own process.


  1. the cedar twig poems are beautiful Judy!

  2. hi Judy,
    Saw your beautiful piece in David's yesterday. Will you be at Campbell House opening? V

  3. Judy,
    My husband, Brian, helped hang my first show this month and when I shared this with Oona, she reminded me of the force that Ned has been behind installing, shipping and supporting you with your work. I hope to have many years of that partnership as well. Thank you for including him, always, in your posts.


Thank you for taking the time to connect. Much appreciated.xx