Sunday, May 17, 2015

the light the hope

Lake - indigo dyed and hand stitched quilt on left.
The Light of the Moon - acrylic, thread, paper and cotton wall piece on right.
Before I delivered my work to Shannon at the Perivale Gallery earlier this month, I re-read the journal text in the stitched paper collage.
The darkness will always be there but you can see the light of the moon as hope.
I am showing three pieces at the Perivale Gallery this year.
Left to right:  Duet, Lake and Light of the Moon.
Ivan Wheale will be in attendance at the opening on May 17.  I hope that it will be well attended.


  1. Do you have more images of 'Duet' Judy? I haven't seen that one before, is it on paper? is it painted or stitched? such a beautiful trio, did you take photos of the work in situ?

  2. Thank you Mo for your compliment.
    To answer questions:
    duet is embroidery on vintage table runner that is mounted with stitch on watercolour paper.
    No photos of work installed in gallery yet.
    I have put direct links to more images into the post now.

  3. thank you fo rthe links, love how you honour the stitching from the past and bring it into the 21st C , all three pieces are stunning Judy you are a constant inspiration!

  4. I agree with Mo - these are all stunning! And they have set my hands in a whir with ideas. Now I'm more excited than ever to get back up the mountain and into The Dissenter's Chapel & Snug and get to work! So thank you for the beauty you unleash into the world, and thank you for the inspiration you enkindle. x

  5. Beautiful work. The tenderness of "Lake" flows through.

    Thank you for the last post too. Enjoyed the intelligence within--as always here.

  6. ~ your work is always so beautiful & thoughtful ~


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