Friday, March 20, 2015

the iris lady

 The oil paintings in this post were done by my cousin Jane Colvin. 
 Jane used to have an iris farm in Illinois.
Jane and I grew up close to each other, our mothers were sisters.   Now we live far apart, but like to keep in touch.

We have the same grandmother.  Ethel Jane.  I wrote about one of Ethel Jane's oil paintings in 2008,  and in 2007 I wrote about the blue vase I have inherited that our grandmother painted as well as the basket quilt she made.  


  1. You have definitely got the talent that is so obvious in your family. What a nice connection to the females in your family ;)

  2. Beautiful paintings. Thanks for sharing them with us. I looked at your other links too. I too love trees and the basket quilt is quite unique. I have not seen a basket like that before - more like an urn.

  3. A line of artists in different media...all with gifts...all passing on treasures. Thank you!

  4. Belles peintures!!!!

  5. What lovely memories to have from those treasured things; your cousin's paintings are just beautiful, so vibrant and full of light. How inspiring to have such a creative family. Your post made me smile as well, my grandmother was also an Ethel; when "The Streak" was high in the charts in '74 "don't look Ethel" caused us much amusement! She was creative too, but with writing. Thank you for sharing

  6. Anonymous6:48 pm

    How wonderful to have the artist connection within family. Also, congratulations on being included in the "Citizen of Craft" video- expressing such an important message.


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