Tuesday, March 03, 2015

indigo checkerboard

 The last time I wrote about this piece, we were in Newfoundland.
 Now, we are in Mexico.
 It's growing slowly, expanding.
Entirely hand pieced using a 9 patch format, it is something I can do while on buses and airplanes, and while visiting with friends.
I love the inner wildness of the reverse side.  raw edges, tangled threads
Patchwork is open ended.
It can grow to any size.
It is not bound by selvedges like weaving, or organized on a ground like embroidery.
It has no bounds.
There is no top or bottom to a quilt.  both sides are the right side.
patchwork has an affinity with the nomad,
moving in an open space.

ideas from Gilles Deleuze
The Smooth and the Striated


  1. Have never thought of patchwork as a free place, a nomadic space to wander in your words and work always surprise me !

  2. I love that this is entirely the same little squares, even with the large fields of white. There is something very satisfying about it. Have a lovely time in the sun on the beach. This is the best time of year to escape.

  3. Oh thank you for this ... I did my first nine patch just this past year (awkward to confess, but there it is), but I didn't take it any further at the time. And now "Checkerboard" jumps out at me and I'm thinking "Of course! Why didn't I think of that?"

  4. i love the back side, too, in all its unfinished / still possible edges, tangles, unruliness, textured, unevenness glory.

  5. "bound by selvedges ... organised on a ground" - this reminds me of a distinction (from where? Tim Ingold??) between painting, which fills the ground, and drawing, which leaves the space open.
    Now I'll be tormented by trying to trace the source of my recollection - but it will be good to think more about this....


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