Wednesday, February 04, 2015

the b side

 Lake side b  Wool, indigo dye, stitch resist, hand quilting   66" high, 53 " wide, 2014  by Judy Martin
The stitched line, no matter how fluid and organic, bespeaks time.  
It is an actual line, a physical presence, a manifestation of effort and choice.
It is not an illusion, nor the residue of my hand's gesture.  It is itself.    Lou Cabeen 

I put side A of this piece on my new work blog in November 2014.
Please click here . to see it.


  1. I am a novice at hand-quilting; have begun with a traditionally-designed piece (a pattern from Thimbleberries) but the practice (and no hoop, no thimble) has captivated me. Your rhythm is so very lovely...Thank you.

  2. thanks for the view from both sides now!

  3. I've looked at LAKE from both sides now, from back and front, and still some how. It's LAKE's illusions I recall. I don't really know my lake at all.

    Thanks Mo, for giving me Joni Mitchell tonight before bed. xx

  4. Those cells in a microscope. Love the title of side B.

  5. Ahh I want to snuggle this!!! Love your spirit and love your work!

    I feel like I don't know cloth at all; but at the same time, I am understanding what my cloths or blankies are holding in and some of what they are saying a little more every time I work with them.
    Kind of like my youngest son; sometimes all I can understand is from my perception and not his.

    "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."

  6. I don't know which side I like best, and the thing is you can't view both sides at once. Great metaphor.

  7. magnificent - another monument to simplicity

  8. Judy... I always loose my words when I visit your place... thank you for that...

  9. Oh gosh. I love the back but when I saw the Lake I loved it even more.


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